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Lip Types

Flat lipsFLAT LIPS
Add curvature by filling in lips with color, except at the center. Use a lighter, iridescent shade at the center or add a spot of gloss. Don't powder. It's the shine that gives the shape.

Smooth out the tiny vertical lines around the mouth by stretching your lips between the second and third fingers so that lip color goes on evenly. First, outline lips with a dry pencil. The less greasy the color is just at the ridge of the lip line, the less it will bleed into the tiny lines. Powder over pencil and fill in with lipstick, just to the inside rim of the pencil line.

Uneven lipsUNEVEN LIPS
Cover lips with base. Balance any uneven part by outlining the desired shape with a darker lip pencil. Fill in the area between the pencil line and the natural lip line with a dark lipstick in the same range as the lip pencil. Powder, then apply a lighter lipstick shade to the entire mouth, up to and covering the drawn line.

Cover the natural lip line at corners with a concealer stick. Blend well. Lift the outer corners with a pencil line. Begin by extending the lower lip, taking the line upward. It should touch and go just a bit above the upper lip corner. Then extend the upper lip line to meet it. Set and soften the pencil line with powder and fill in with color.

Use lots of shine to draw attention away from the crinkles. A matte finish only makes the lines more obvious. Just apply color and gloss. Don't outline the lips with a darker pencil; don't powder. Just remember, the more your lips shine, the less your crinkles will show. Use petroleum jelly at bedtime to soften lips through the night.

Cover your lips with base. Use a pencil half a shade darker than your lipstick to draw your ideal lip shape just inside your natural lip line. Fill in your new lip shape with lipstick.

Apply base over your lips. Then outline the shape you want above your natural lip line with a pencil in a shade darker than your principal lipstick color. Next, use a small, thin brush to apply a shade of lipstick in the same color family as the pencil to the area between the pencil line and the natural lip line. Powder over. Finally, apply your principal lipstick color, up to and covering the original darker pencil line.